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A lack of a clean lizard habitat is the most likely cause of Salmonella disease. It is particularly concerning to humans since it can in fact be transferred to humans from either the lizards enclosure or the lizard itself. Salmonella is a common problem for reptile owners.

The majority of lizards cary salmonella to some degree in their intestinal tract. Usually this will not cause any harm to the lizard but as mentioned above can be easily transmitted to humans. To reduce the risk to yourself make sure that you thoroughly clean your hands everytime after touching your lizard or anything inside your lizards habitat. This is especially important after you clean the habitat.

Furthermore, it is not visible to the naked eye as it is caused by microscopic bacteria. The only way to detect Salmonella in a lizard is to have your veterinarian perform a fecal examination. Salmonella is not readily contracted by lizards but this among other reasons is plenty to warrant providing your lizard with a clean habitat to live in.

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