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Metabolic Bone Disease


A lack of calcium in your lizard’s diet is the primary cause for Metabolic Bone Disease (also known as Avitaminosis). The lack of calcium is due to either a lack of calcium supplements or something is lacking in the lizards diet. The first step would be to review your lizards diet in comparison to the recommended diet for that species. Almost all species of lizards require a calcium supplement to be added to their food on a regular basis, usually daily.

If you feel your lizards diet is on par with recommendations the next step would be to increase the amount of calcium supplement that the lizard is given. Beware not to make sudden increases in any supplement dosage as that can cause disastrous effects on your lizard. Lizards do not take well to sudden changes in their diet and too much calcium can also be a bad thing. If this fails you may wish to change the brand of calcium that you are using.

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