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Intestinal Prolapse


Parasites which form within the body of a lizard can possibly cause intestinal prolapse. Also, if the lizard has been pushing harder than normal feces for an extended period of time this can also cause the formation of intestinal prolapse. If the condition persists for a prolonged period of time the intestine can actually be pushed to the outside of the lizard’s skin. This can obviously be a very serious condition for your lizard as the intestine could become infected or even punctured if it becomes exposed.

A veterinarian can provide an appropriate solution for application on the affected intestine and can actually massage it back into place. If the condition is severe the veterinarian will usually provide you with an antibiotic cream that should be applied to your lizard on a regular basis for the next week or so. This antibiotic cream will help to reduce the risk of infection to the sensitive intestines. If the condition is bad enough the lizard will not be able to eat until it has healed sufficiently.

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