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Fungal Infections


Fungal Infections are particularly dangerous because they can get out of hand quickly and spread to other animals in the vicinity of the infected lizard. Even humans which come into direct contact with the lizard can be at risk of contracting the infection. Not all infections can be transmitted to humans, however fungal infections are one of the ones that can.

As the infection progresses open sores will begin to form on the abdomen of the lizard and if allowed to continue these sores will spread across the rest of the lizards' body. These infections are almost impossible to diagnose by yourself so the advice of a veternarian will be required. If there are other lizards sharing the cage the infected lizard must be placed in a quarantined enslosure as soon as possible. These types of infections are highly contagious. Ensure that you thoroughly disinfect the cage before placing the lizard back in.

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