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External Wounds


External wounds can be damaging to reptiles if they are not kept clean. These wounds can occur from a variety of sources including abrasion with objects inside the lizards habitat and bite wounds from other animals.

If your lizard has any exterior wounds the first thing to do is to carefully clean the wound. If the wound is of any severity you should consider a trip to the veternarian as soon as possible. A veternarian can properly clean the wound and provide an antibiotic solution to reduce the risk of infection to your lizard. The veterinarian will also be able to wrap the wound in gauze to reduce the risk of infection.

If the wound came from an object in the cage remove it immediately to ensure it does not cause further injury to your lizard. If the wound came from another lizard, the best idea would be to seperate the lizards going forward. Some lizards just cannot get along. You may also wish to change the substrate if your are using sand or another fine grained material to ensure it does not enter the cut.

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