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If you observe any changes in your lizards health or daily activities have it checked out by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Lizards have a tendency to hide their illnesses which allows diseases time to get worse before you become aware. Most health issues that lizards will encouter require the attention of a trained veterinarian to provide proper care and advice.
- Digestive Problems
- Egg Binding
- Enteritis & Gastritis
- External Wounds
- Eyelid Swelling
- Fungal Infections
- Intestinal Prolapse
- Intestinal Tract Inflammation
- Metabolic Bone Disease
- Mites
- Mouth Rot
- Respiratory Infections
- Salmonella
- Shedding Problems
- Skin Fungi
- Skin Necrosis
- Tail Breaks
- Ticks
- Visceral Gout
- Vitamin Excess
- Worm Diseases
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