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This is our Lizard Glossary and contains a variety of terms and definitions listed in alphabetical order that are related to lizards. If you have any specific lizard terms that you would like to see added please visit our contact page.
When a lizard acts in aggression or defense of itself. This term usually only applies when a lizard acts like this towards another lizard.
When a lizard spends most of its time in the trees it is considered to be aboreal.
In general this term refers to anything that is getting weaker with time.
This is the portion of skin which is extendable and lies behind a lizards neck.
Diurnal lizards are awake and active during the day while they sleep during the night.
This refers to the area which is near the femur or thigh of the lizard. Pores which are at the bottom of the tail are often referred to as in the Femoral area.
This refers to an area in which an animal or organism makes its home and lives.
Is short form for herpetofauna and refers to reptiles and amphibians.
A nocturnal lizard is active during the night and generally sleeps during the day.
Refers to the ability of a lizard to regulate its own body temperature.
Terrestrial lizards are lizards which live mostly or all on land.
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