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Uromastyx Care Sheet

Description: Uromastyxs come from the desert and in their natural habitat spend most of their time laying in the hot sunlight.
Scientific Name: Uromastyx spp
Lifespan: 30 to 50 years
Average Size: 28 to 30 inches
Origin: Asia


The Uromastyx is an omnivore which means that it eats a combination of meat and plants. A wide variety of insects can be used to make up the meat portion of the diet although crickets should be used as the staple. The plant portion should contain a wide variety of both vegetables and fruits.

For the first couple of months that you have your Uromastyx you should offer a bowl of water in their habitat to see if they drink from it. Not all Uromastyxs will drink from a dish as some of them will only lick the water off of the plants in their habitat.



Humidity: Since the Uromastyx comes from a desert environment they are used to low humidity conditions which is what you should try to mimic in captivity. If you leave a dish of water in your Uromastyx's habitat beware that this can drastically increase the humidity level.
Lighting: As with most lizards full-spectrum fluorescent light is necessary to keep it healthy.
Physical Design: A Uromastyx will require a hiding place somewhere inside its habitat that it can go to if it feels frightened or spooked.
Substrate: Some type of a fine gradient substrate should be used that resembles the sand a Uromastyx would live in while in the wild.
Temperature: As mentioned above the Uromastyx comes from the warm desert climates of the world so it will require a very warm habitat. The cooler part of the enclosure should dip no lower than 90 degrees F during the day and 80 degrees F during the night. The warm part of the habitat can reach up to 110 degrees F during the day as they really enjoy to bask in the heat.
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