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Tokay Gecko Care Sheet

Description: The material on the bottom of their toes allows the Tokay Gecko to climb vertical surfaces and sometimes even climb upside down!
Scientific Name: Gekko gecko
Lifespan: 10 or more years
Average Size: 6 to 12 inches


A calcium supplement should be provided to your Tokay Gecko on a daily basis with a multivitamin supplement provided weekly. Adult geckos are usually fed once every two days while juveniles are fed daily to promote healthy growth. A variety of live insects can be used to make up your Tokay Geckos diet.


Humidity: A humidity level of at least 70% should be maintained in the habitat at all times.
Lighting: The Tokay Gecko should have about 12 hours per day of fluorescent lighting. Since lizards are very susceptible to sudden changes in their routine you should try to get it into a cycle of 12 hours light followed by 12 hours or darkness.
Physical Design: Tokay Geckos like to climb so provide them with plenty of large branches and an elevated area in which they can hide if they become frightened.
Temperature: Just like almost every other lizard the Tokay Gecko will require a temperature gradient in its habitat. The warm end of the enclosure should be in the 90 to 95 degree F range, while the cool end can be as cool as 70 degrees F.
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