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Savannah Monitor Care Sheet

Description: The Savannah Monitor is a very powerful lizard, espectially its limbs which are designed for digging in the sand.
Scientific Name: Varanus exanthematicus
Lifespan: 10 years or more
Origin: African Savannah


The Savannah Monitor is carnivorous and will thrive when fed a variety of fish, insects and the occasional mouse. As with most lizards it is recommended that when feeding rodents they have been frozen while being stored and thawed before feeding them to your lizard. Savannah Monitors can be fed live rodents but beware that the rodent can injure your lizard if you are not paying attention.


Humidity: If you use glass or another solid material for the sides of the enclosure this will help to maintain the required humidity for your Savannah Monitor.
Lighting: Savannah Monitors require between 10 and 12 hours per day of full-spectum fluorescent lighting. This gives them ample UVB rays which give them the vitamins they desperatly need.
Substrate: Bark or wood chips work best for Savannah Monitors.
Temperature: Savannah Monitors enjoy having a wide ranging temperature gradient from 75 degrees F to 95 degrees F. This large gradient will allow them to move to where the temperature is comfortable to them at the time.
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