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Sagebrush Lizard Care Sheet

Description: The Sagebrush Lizard is a very small lizard and is not very often kept as a pet.
Scientific Name: Sceloporus graciosus
Lifespan: 3 to 5 years
Average Size: 3 to 4 inches
Origin: Western North America


As mentioned above the Sagebrush Lizard is very small and thus cannot be fed large insects. Feed it small crickets, mealworks and waxworms.

Sagebrush Lizards will usually drink from a dish so you must provide them a small dish of water that is changed daily to ensure it is clean.



Lighting: Full-spectrum fluorescent light will be needed to provide much needed UVB light rays for your Sagebrush lizard.
Physical Design: Sagebrush lizards like to climb so give them plenty of plants that they can climb on. They will also require areas that have cover so they can hide.
Size: A 2 foot cubic enclosure is large enough for Sagebrush lizards as they are relatively small.
Substrate: Sand is good to use as a substrate for these lizards because occasionally they dig a hole and bury themselves in the sand while they sleep.
Temperature: The optimal temperature for Sagebrush lizards is 80 degrees F to 85 degrees F.
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