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Rudis Chameleon Care Sheet

Description: The Rudis Chameleon has a very small range in the mountains of Tanzania and is listed as an endangered species.
Scientific Name: Chamaeleo rudis
Lifespan: 5 to 10 years
Average Size: 5 to 7inches
Origin: Tanzania


The diet of the Rudis Chameleon is very similar to other species of Chameleons. They should be fed mostly crickets that have been gut-loaded as well as the occasional silkworm, waxworm and mealworm. The Rudis Chameleon needs a fair amount of calcium so their food should be dusted on a daily basis with a good calcium supplement. One feeding per week should also have a multivitamin supplement added.

Rudis Chameleons will obtain all of their water from licking the plants in their enclosure.



Humidity: The humidity level inside your Rudis Chameleons enclosure should be between 80% and 90%. This is a very high level that will require frequent misting to obtain.
Lighting: Most Chameleons require at least 12 hours per day of full-spectrum light and the Rudis Chameleon is no different.
Physical Design: The Rudis Chameleon will need areas with thick cover inside their habitat so they can hide if they feel scared. You will also want to provide them with branches that go right to the top of the enclosure so they can climb and bask in the heat.
Temperature: A large heat gradient should be provided for these Chameleons that ranges from 65 degrees F all the way up to 80 degrees.
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