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Plated Lizard Care Sheet

Description: The Plated Lizards most recognizable feature is their thick scales of skin that give them their name.
Scientific Name: Gerrhosaurus flavigularis
Lifespan: 10 years
Average Size: 18 inches
Origin: Eastern Africa


Juvenile Plated Lizards should be fed insects on a daily basis. Adult Plated Lizards should only be fed every other day. Since these lizards are omnivores you will also need to give them fresh greens to feed on.


Humidity: A humidity level of approximately 50% is what a Plated Lizard will require.
Physical Design: The Plated Lizard spends most of its time on the ground while in the wild so you do not need to provide many branches for climbing. Be sure that you do give it plenty of places to hide though.
Size: These lizards are fairly large so you will need to provide them with enough room to move around. If you are using an aquarium tank then use at least a 40 gallon tank.
Substrate: The Plated Lizard loves to burrow in the wild so provide it with a deep enough substrate that it can do so in captivity.
Temperature: A temperature range of between 80 degrees F and 90 degrees F will suffice for the Plated Lizard. It should have a basking area that is slightly warmer at about 95 degrees F.
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