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Peru Sun Lizard Care Sheet

Description: The Peru Sun lizard has very hard scales which make it well adapted to hot climates.
Scientific Name: Liolaemus spp
Average Size: 3 to 6 inches
Origin: South America


Crickets make up the majority of the diet for a Peru Sun lizard. Mealworms can also be used as an addition. A calcium supplement will also be needed. Since these lizards are quite small be carefull not to feed large insects to it or it will have trouble digesting them.

Even though the Peru Sun lizard comes from the desert it is a good idea to provide it with a drinking dish which should be cleaned on a daily basis.



Lighting: Between 10 to 12 hours per day of direct UVB light will be needed to keep this lizard healthy.
Physical Design: Peru Sun lizards like to climb so keep that in mind when designing an enclosure for them. Provide numerous climbing areas made up from branches and plants.
Size: The Peru Sun lizard is a relatively small lizard so it does not an incredibly large cage, however they can be very active so keep this in mind when determining the enclosures size.
Substrate: A substrate such as sand is best to use because they come from the desert and this will make them feel at home.
Temperature: A temperature gradeint of 80 degrees F to 90 degrees F on the hot side should be provided for your Peru Sun lizard.
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