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Ocelot Gecko Care Sheet


The Ocelot Gecko differs from most geckos in the sense that it does not have great climbing abilities.

These geckos are also commonly called the Madagascar Ground Gecko and the Panther Gecko.

Scientific Name: Paroedura pictus
Lifespan: 10 years
Average Size: 4 to 8 inches
Origin: Madagascar


The Ocelot Gecko will eat mainly insects. Some of these lizards will eat plants but not all. These are relatively small geckos so you need to take care when feeding them insects. Do not feed them insects that are too large or they will have trouble eating them. Crickets will likely make up the majority of their diet but to provide them with a good variety you would add mealworms and silkworms.

When you first get your Ocelot Gecko it is a good idea to place a dish of water in their habitat to see if they will drink from it. Not all will but if you find yours does, continue to provide them with a dish of clean water. Otherwise you will need to ensure that the leaves of the plants in their enclosure are wet so they can get their water that way. This will require misting the enclosure a few times throughout the day.



Humidity: 50% is the perfect humidity level for the Ocelot Gecko.
Physical Design: The Ocelot Gecko likes to hide in its cage so give it plenty of good hiding spots. Providing it with a humid hide box is not a bad idea either as it will help them with their shedding.
Substrate: Mulch or peat moss is probably the best item to use as a substrate for your Ocelot Gecko.
Temperature: The Ocelot Gecko should have a temperature gradient that ranges from 70 degrees F to 85 degrees F.
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