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Jackson's Chameleon Care Sheet

Description: Male Jackson's Chameleon have three large horns protruding from their head. Jackson's Chameleons are also noted for giving birth to live offspring.
Scientific Name: Chamaeleo jacksonii
Lifespan: 5 to 7 years
Average Size: 12 inches
Origin: East Africa


Crickets should make up the majority of a Jackson's Chameleon's diet with mealworms and waxworms being used occasionally as treats. A varied diet to some degree will be needed or these lizards will easily become bored. You can dust most or all of their insects with a calcium supplement and dust them with a multivitamin supplement on a weekly basis.


Humidity: Jackson's Chameleons require a relatively high humidity level of approximately 70% to 80%. To acheive this high level of humidity you can mist the enclosure at least twice daily.
Lighting: Provide your chameleon with UVB light for between 10 and 12 hours per day.
Physical Design: Jackson's Chameleons will spend almost their entire day high up in the branches of the plants you provide them. Be sure to provide an area with plenty of cover so that they can hide if they want and plenty of branches to climb on.
Size: A bigger enclosure is always better but be sure to make it high enough that they can climb high into their branches.
Substrate: Since Jackson's Chameleons spend the majority of their time on the branches in their enclosure the material used as a substrate is not as important as it is for other lizards, however mulch is the recommeneded subtrate for these lizards.
Temperature: Appropriate daytime temperature for these chameleons is about 75 to 77 degrees F with a nigh time temperature drop to about 70 degrees F.
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