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Green Iguana Care Sheet

Description: The Green Iguana is a tree-dwelling lizard and is one of the larger lizards that are kept as pets.
Scientific Name: Iguana iguana
Lifespan: 15 to 20 years
Average Size: 5 to 6 feet
Origin: Central and South America


Green Iguanas will require a wide variety of food to keep them interested. If you continually feed them the same items they may stop eating.

A large water dish will be required for them to drink from. Since they have a habitat of bathing in their water you will need to change it on a daily basis. The water dish will also help to raise the humidity in their habitat.



Humidity: Green Iguanas require a humidity level that is between 50% and 60%.
Lighting: A 5% UVB light will provide the required light source for a Green Iguana.
Physical Design: Green Iguanas like to climb and since they are large animals they will need relatively large branches or even logs in which they can climb and lay on.
Size: Green Iguanas can grow very large which means that you will either need a very large enclosure for them or you will need to dedicate an entire room for them. Giving them plenty of space is vital to keeping them healthy and happy.
Substrate: Since Green Iguanas are so large they can ingest most materials commonly used as a substrate, this includes large bark chips. Reptile carpet or newsprint will work best for Green Iguanas.
Temperature: Green Iguanas will need a basking area that is between 90 and 95 degrees F. A cooler area in the habitat will also be needed that is about 80 degrees F. This temperature span will allow the lizard to go to an area that it feels comfortable in.
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