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Green Anole Care Sheet

Description: Green Anoles are often kept as pets because they are extremely easy to care for in comparison to other lizard species.
Scientific Name: Anolis carolinensis
Lifespan: 3 to 5 years
Origin: North America


Since the Green Anole is a very small lizard you should feed it only small insects including crickets, mealworms, silkworms and waxworms. Silkworms are very fatty so they should only be fed in moderation.

Green Anoles do not drink from a dish so they get their water from the moisture on the plants within their enclosure. Be sure that you mist the enclosure multiple times per day to provide them with their water.



Lighting: A fluorescent light can provide the appropriate light rays as well as double as a heat source.
Physical Design: Green Anoles love to climb on plants and hunt their prey from there. For this reason you should provide plents of plants inside their enclosure.
Size: A 10 gallon aquarium is generally sufficiently large enough for 1-3 Green Anoles.
Substrate: Green Anoles do not have any specific requirements for a substrate but small bark chips work well for these lizards.
Temperature: A daytime temperature of between 78 degrees F and 84 degrees F works best for Green Anoles. At night the temperature should drop by about 5 degrees F.
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