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Golden Tegu Care Sheet

Description: The Golden Tegu is certainly not for the beginner lizard keeper as they are relatively large and can be very aggressive.
Scientific Name: Tupinambis teguixin ssp
Average Size: As long as 3 feet
Origin: South America


Since Golden Tegus are omnivorous a variety of fruits, vegetables and insects should be provided. As the Golden Tegu grows larger mice and smaller rats can be fed. These should be kept frozen and thawed to room temperature before being fed.

Water should be provided in a large bowl as the Golden Tegu is known to not only drink from but bathe in its water dish as well. To keep the water clean it should be replaced on a daily basis.



Lighting: Full-spectrum fluorescent light will provide much needed UVB rays for your Golden Tegu.
Physical Design: Since Golden Tegus are large lizards they will need a larger than usual enclosure.
Substrate: Golden Tegus are known to bury themselves in their substrate so ensure that it is deep enough and is made up of a material that will allow them to do this.
Temperature: Golden Tegus will require a temperature gradient throughout their habitat which means that you should probably only heat one end. The optimal temperature for the warm end is around 86 to 88 degrees F, while the optimal temperature for the cool end is between 78 and 80 degrees F.
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