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Giant Day Gecko Care Sheet

Description: The Giant Day Gecko is only naturally found in northern Madagascar and is one of the largest known Day Geckos.
Scientific Name: Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis
Lifespan: Approximately 10 years
Average Size: 1 foot
Origin: Madagascar


Although Giant Day Geckos are omnivorous, insects should make up the majority of their diet. Dust the insects with a good calcium supplement before you feed them to your lizard. When you are breeding Giant Day Geckos be sure to give the females extra calcium supplement.



Humidity: Humidity levels for Giant Day Geckos should be kept around 60% to 70%. Misting the habitat works well to raise the humidity level if need be.
Lighting: Natural lighting is best for all lizards and Giant Day Geckos are no exception although this is usually hard to obtain. Otherwise full-spectrum fluorescent light will provide much needed UVB rays.
Physical Design: Since Giant Day Geckos love to climb they will need a variety of branches and plants to climb on.
Size: Giant Day Geckos are very active during the day so provide them with a large enough habitat that will allow them to move around sufficiently.
Substrate: Use a substrate that cannot be ingested by your Giant Day Gecko. This includes items such as large bark chips or reptile carpet.
Temperature: Between 80 and 85 degrees F is optimal temperature for Giant Day Geckos.
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