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Frilled Dragon Care Sheet

Description: The most recognizable characteristic of a Frilled Dragon is the large piece of skin attached to their neck that opens up when they become scared.
Scientific Name: Chlamydosaurus kingii
Lifespan: 12 to 15 years
Average Size: 25 to 30 inches
Origin: Australia and New Guinea


Although the Frilled Dragon is an omnivore its primary diet is made up of insects. Crickets, butterworms and silkworms should make up the primary food source with other insects offered occassionally.

Frilled Dragons will almost certainly drink water from a dish meaning they will need a fresh, clean supply of drinking water at all times. This will involve chaning the water on a daily basis. They are also known to lick water off the plants in their enclosure so it is a good idea to mist their habitat once or twice per day.



Humidity: Humidity levels can vary safely from 45% to 60% however any higher than that can be dangerous.
Physical Design: Frilled Dragons enjoy to climb so take this into account when you are designing or choosing a habitat for them to live in. Be sure to provide numerous branches and plants that stretch to the top of the habitat.
Size: Frilled Dragons are known for being very active which will require a larger than normal enclosure.
Substrate: Frilled Dragons will commonly ingest their subtrate if it is small enough so the best idea for them is to use either newsprint or reptile carpet.
Temperature: A heat gradient of 85 degrees F on the warm end and 75 degrees F on the cool side is perfect for Frilled Dragons. As with most lizards the temperature at night can safely drop a few degrees.
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