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Crested Gecko Care Sheet

Description: Until 1994 the Crested Gecko was thought to be extinct until it was redisocovered. The toes, tip of the tail and just above the eye are covered in thick hairs.
Scientific Name: Rhacodactylus ciliatus
Lifespan: Up to 20 years with proper care
Average Size: 5 to 8 inches
Origin: New Caledonia


There is actually a commercially prepared Crested Gecko food. This works well because it provides them with a balanced diet. Supplement this commercially prepared food with a variety of live insects once every two days.

Crested Geckos rarely will drink water from a dish. Some do however so it can't hurt to provide a small dish of water to see if your Crested Gecko drinks from it. Otherwise they will get their water from the plants in the habitat which means that you need to keep them moist by misting them at least once daily.



Humidity: Crested Geckos thrive in a habitat with a humidity level of approximately 50%.
Lighting: Provide full-spectrum fluorescent light to your Crested Gecko for 12 hours per day, followed by 12 hours of darkness.
Physical Design: A variety of branches and vines work well to provide your Crested Gecko with plenty of climbing material.
Size: Since Crested Geckos love to climb it is important to have a habitat that is taller than it is wide.
Substrate: A good quality potting soil or peatmoss works well as a substrate for Crested Geckos.
Temperature: Crested Geckos do not have a requirement for an extremely warm environment which means that as long is your room is not too cool you should not have to artificially heat the Crested Geckos habitat.
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