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Brown Basilisk Care Sheet

Description: The Brown Basilisk is one of few lizards that have the ability to run on top of water.
Scientific Name: Basiliscus vittatus
Average Size: 28 to 32 inches
Origin: Central America


Since the Brown Basilisk is an omnivore they will need a combination of meat and plants. Using a variety of vegetables to make up the plant part is the best idea. Fruits can also be used but only in small quantities. For the meat you can use many different insects such as crickets, mealworms and waxworms in addition to baby mice and even goldfish. Their food should have a good multivitamin supplement that includes calcium dusted on it.

Brown Basilisks are known for bathing in their water so they will need a relatively large water dish. Of course the water will need to be replaced daily as it will get dirty quickly.



Lighting: Like most lizards the Brown Basilisk will need a full-spectrum fluorescent light in their habitat to provide them with UVB rays. If the light puts off enough heat it can also be used to provide a basking spot.
Physical Design: In the wild the Brown Basilisk spends much of its time up in the trees so in captivity it will also require plenty of areas to climb on. They also like to hide behind plants and leaves so take this into account as well.
Size: An appropriate size for a full grown Brown Basilisk is approximately 50 to 60 gallons.
Temperature: 84 to 88 degrees F is the optimal daytime temperature for Brown Basilisks. At night the temperature should drop to about 75 degrees F.
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