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Berber Skink Care Sheet

Description: Berber Skinks are relatively rare as far as pets go although they are one of the easier lizards to tame.
Scientific Name: Eumeces schneideri
Lifespan: 15 to 20 years
Average Size: Approximately 15 inches
Origin: Asia and Africa


Since Berber Skinks are omnivorous they will need a good combintation of meat and vegetables. For the meat portion you should feed them mainly crickets with mealworms, waxworms and even silkworms added in for variety. Some Berber Skinks will eat small fish so it does not hurt to try them out with yours. Carrots, beans and small pieces of fruit can be used to provide the plant portion of the diet.

The Berber Skink will need a supply of fresh water as they will drink from a dish as opposed to getting their water from the moisture on the plants.



Humidity: A humidity level between 20% and 30% would be perfect for a Berber Skink.
Lighting: Berber Skinks will require at least 12 hours per day of full-spectrum UVB light.
Physical Design: The Berber Skink will climb so provide them with a good number of branches so that they can climb throughout their habitat.
Size: An area that size of a 30 gallon aquarium tank will suffice for a single Berber Skink.
Substrate: Peat moss or potting soil is best for Berber Skinks because they like to burrow. Be sure to provide them with a substrate that is a few inches deep so they have sufficient room to burrow in it.
Temperature: Berber Skinks like to have a warm basking area and that spot should reach 100 degrees F.
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