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Bearded Dragon Care Sheet

Description: Bearded Dragons are generally considered to have a very good temperament and tolerate most human interaction which makes them ideal candidates for pets.
Scientific Name: Pogona vitticeps
Average Size: 12 to 18 inches
Lifespan: 3 to 10 years
Origin: Australia


Bearded Dragons are omnivorous meaning they eat a combination of plant matter and meat. The diet should be split with a slightly larger emphasis on insects as opposed to plants. A calcium supplement will be a requirement on a daily basis for Bearded Dragons.



Humidity: Suitable humidity levels for Bearded Dragons are in the 40% area. For those of you who are in low humidity areas you can place a dish of water in the enclosure or mist it frequently to obtain this level of humidity.
Lighting: A full spectrum UVB light should be used for Bearded Dragons with 12 hours per day of light given.
Physical Design: An area in which the Bearded Dragon can hide is necessary, this can come from a full out hide box or from a collection of branches and leaves. A rock or elevated area in which the lizard can bask is also a good idea.
Size: Bearded Dragons do climb although they do not spend as much time high up as some other lizards. For this reason the enclosure should have a large surface area on the floor but should still provide room for the dragon to climb upwards.
Temperature: Bearded Dragons require a relatively large temperature gradient ranging from 70 degrees F all the way up to 100 degrees F. To achieve this gradient only heat one end of the cage.
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