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Lizards range greatly in size from the miniature Dwarf Gecko to the massive Komodo Dragon. Most lizards are completely harmless to humans even if bitten by one, while a few lizards contain venom such as the Mexican Beaded lizard and the Gila Monster.


Lizards Care

Lizards are much more difficult to care for than other pets and even other reptiles. Lizards are incredibly susceptible to stress from a variety of factors. They also have very strict requirements for temperature, humidity and lighting levels which must be maintained to keep your lizard healthy and happy.

Healthy Lizards

Our Lizard Health section contains valuable information on caring for sick lizards. Lizards can be one of the most rewarding pets to care for when done properly.

Lizard Breeding

The majority of lizards lay eggs, however there are a few species of lizards that are capable of live-birth. By reading through our lizard information you will be able to breed healthy lizards.
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